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I'm doing this just to flash this nice Eleven
I'm doing this just to flash this nice Eleven
I'm doing this just to flash this nice Eleven
I'm doing this just to flash this nice Eleven
I'm doing this just to flash this nice Eleven

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It's been a hell of a long time, but i'm trying to do a conscious effort to be back here at my original home, wich means almost 10,000 Deviations to Watch (holy....).

I recently, and finally!, got my hands on an DSLR. I also have some trips ahead so i expect to rock some great shots!

I'm looking forward to see what my favs artists here have done in this time of absence

Since no one read this i'l just leave my Twitter in case anyone is interest: @drunkhas
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  • Reading: François Truffaut's interview with A. Hitch
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Long time since i made a journal entry, just seem pointless always bouncing around whener i get some more views, but well i thought this time it was worth the ocassion.

It's already more than 10,000 views, i know in the eyes of other may not seen as much but i just want anyone who's reading this, that i really appreciated you, taking a piece of your time, even if it's one minute, to take a look at my gallery. I had really felt the support this and last year, and i can see my chops getting better with every photograph i took, since last year it's been an amazing journey, not only here but in my life in general, and that is in part because of the great experience i've been having here.

I'm not of long speeches or texts for that matter, so bottom line. THANK YOU ALL, SINCERELY & I HOPE TO KEEP LEARNING A LOT FROM EACH AND EVERYONE HERE.
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lol my last journals has been only about another scale in the pageview number lol, sorry i know i'v been innactive for quite long, it's just that without camera it's quite hard get pics of anything worth of submiting.

anyway as always thanks to the ones that has show true support towards me.

check out:

:iconangelus-hellion: :iconconspirazy: :iconfeechan: :icondrunkdesigns:
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yeah Over the 5K pageviews lots and lots of thanks to everyone that've support me and my work n.n

Nothing more to say  except visit my other account :lol: DrunkDesigns

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More than two years now since i joined DeviantART, got to say that has been two wonderful years full of knowledge from so different and so interesting people i really hope to be many years here learning each day something new and with some luck i can teach something to someone just like other people do with me :) Thank you for the complet supor my friends give to me it feels really nice, every fav i recived (there are not so much lol but still counts) they really make feel the work worth it AND NOW I'M IN 4,000 PAGEVIEWS!!! THANK YOU!!
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Now many of you have already know about it but for those who don't ... it's a page similar to my space but for artists (including musicians) joins is free and when you register and it says Referred by (HV username) - please put 'has'

after that let me know about you to put you on my friends list ^^
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damn, don't know what to say just thank you so much for the support, evry word of support every fav every watch i apprecite all of them THANKS!!!
in this moment i'm make it honor to my nickname, yup i'm drunk, i don't care tomorrow i have to study but you know what, every human is able to do whatever it wants, so that's it , decided to express my real opinions here.

Here we go:
Love: where it goes? right now people just see love like a word not a feeling we say i love when we never felt that and why, because sociecity did that it's sad, where the hell go those people who can really feel tha feeling inside, and expressing in the way they wanted, world you suck.

Gaia: why we just want to hut her? it's just insane, hurt our mother who gave us the miracle of life, we just hurt her not recycling, contribuiting to global heating, why everyone of us, just can recycle? we help doing that, damn that kind of things really pissing me off, stupid goberment saying that they are doing something to make this planet better when they really want to do just more money to their bank count, MEN enoff , ack to forest is the solution.

YOU the only thing you have to do is realize that, that thing you have inside and you don't want to awake, awake it, join me and other people in the world who reallly cares about our really future, our soul have to live we can't leave it die, please care about the planet pir mother gai feel love for her, love with really passion AND ONLY BELIEVE IN YOU
Awesome i have 2000 Pageviews, THANKS TO EVERYBODY FOR THE SUPPORT

Special thanks to: :iconi-heart-photo:   :iconbosniak:   :iconsalgada:

by the inspirations at my photo style

and :iconlarafairie: & :iconthetragictruth-of-me:

to show me a different face of photo & photomanipulation

and specially thanks to everyone who take a walk at my gallery

just know about the beauty

hi there, talking with one of my friends we decide to do a group art, but only with, photos, draws & paintings, photomanipulation.

everyone who are interest send me a note, with examples of your work, or suggesting someone that maybe wants to join the project.
yep belive or not i decide to make me a photographer :O

Thx Pekka to inspirate me [=

See my new kind of Art Soonely

long time that i not submit something hehe so coming soon i will submit something who knows what category but well ... lol

by the way i will remove so much of my art because i don't like  hehe

i almost forget it some friends an artist

Featured Artist

:iconthefifthorder: his renders and miscellaneus arts are mazing
:iconasiantuntija: his photograhy are more than excellent and his airbrushing too


:iconfeena95: :iconyuleen75: :iconhitokage-dd: :iconangelus-hellion: :iconsmeril: :iconghost-001-: :iconthefifthorder:

Well finally i decide wnat i want and my desition was focus my art to designs and interfades to be more excatly layoust and skins but i don't will submit that things in this account to that i create

:icondrunkdesigns: hope you enjoy the stuff just that

the digital art i keeping be submit in this account ^^

so tell to other people abput that account if you do i will apreciate so so so much ^__________________________^
well i have now 1,000 so thanks to all for the suporting

specially to my friend :iconangelus-hellion: for the help an the collab (coming soon expedition 2 ^^)

well that's all

by the way latin designers visit

Chek It: :iconhitokage-dd: :iconfeena95: :iconyuleen75: :iconsmeril: :icondarknessinthesun: :iconmitsui04: :iconthefifthorder:

the universe ownz ^^

well i start to do a collab with one of my best frineds here :iconangelus-hellion:
he is a great artist and is so cool work with him jeje so i can teel you that a great work coming soon =P

:iconsmeril:  :iconhitokage-dd: :iconangelus-hellion: :iconphoe2004: :iconslinkdesign: :iconx0nex: :iconfeena95: :icondarknessinthesun: :iconthinkdynamite: :icondamn-hybrid: :iconmitsui04:   :iconnoerrorcode: :iconakira-k: :iconghost-001-: :iconlordofthefly: :iconsuicide-ange7: :iconephimero: :iconyuleen75:

:icontremorwave: :iconalyn: :icondinyctis: :iconstrukt: :iconpolaus: :iconthefifthorder:
the drunkerman comes back yes once again in the action with the space, actually i'm working now on my new work

:iconsmeril:  :iconhitokage-dd: :iconangelus-hellion: :iconphoe2004: :iconslinkdesign: :iconx0nex: :iconfeena95: :icondarknessinthesun: :iconthinkdynamite: :icondamn-hybrid: :iconmitsui04:   :iconnoerrorcode: :iconakira-k: :iconghost-001-: :iconlordofthefly: :iconsuicide-ange7: :iconephimero: :iconyuleen75: normaly i forgot somebody if it's you let me know xD


:icontremorwave: :iconalyn: :icondinyctis: :iconstrukt: :iconpolaus: :iconangelus-hellion:  and more xD...

:iconfeena95: :iconyuleen75: she are my two little girls ... ^^ lol

Beramode is anormal O.o
well welll this time only i'm boring xd

so know my friends xD

:iconsmeril:  :iconhitokage-dd: :iconangelus-hellion: :iconphoe2004: :iconslinkdesign: :iconx0nex: :iconfeena95: :icondarknessinthesun: :iconthinkdynamite: :icondamn-hybrid: :iconmitsui04:   :iconnoerrorcode: :iconakira-k: :iconghost-001-: :iconlordofthefly: :iconsuicide-ange7: :iconephimero: :iconyuleen75: normaly i forgot somebody if it's you let me know xD

ans this is my favourite artist

:icontremorwave: :iconalyn: :icondinyctis: :iconstrukt: :iconpolaus: :iconangelus-hellion:

and no more xD ····

the Univers Own xD
Atention if you don't see yet the movie don't read this // Atencion si aun no ves la pelicula no leas esto.

in a lot of time in a distant galaxy the general one grievous abduction al chancellor palpantine two jedis were chosen for the mision of rescue therefore its fame after the war of the clones was done large, obi-wan kenobi and anakin skywalker were its names, the mision was an exito after dangerous maneuvers and sorrows with droides, the same general greivous and the death of the count dooku by hand of anakin, the General one greivous I escape al to return to land politica obi wan tells him anakin that remain therefore the oh been the heroe this time, obi wan withdraws toward the counsel jedi, anakin and it is found with its beloved even one they are happy by reencontrarse, in the night anakin suffers a nightmare seemed to the ones that had with its mother before this to die but this time was with pairs dreamed that moria in the labor therefore was pregnant after the fear of anakin to this its determinacion by leave not that even dwells itself volvio egoista, anakin begins to to be dragged al side of the force, after the cosejo jedi to ask him that watch al chancellor therefore does not trust in the anakin decubre that the canciler is the lord sith that were seeking (dart sidious) anakin runs to count him this to windu this and other jedis are going to arrest it nevertheless the chancellor kills them all to ecepcion of windu with whom has a spectacular sorrow of lightsabers anakin consumed by its objective of saving to pairs runs toward where windu and the chancellor they fight, windu to despoiled al chancellor of its lightsaber but the chancellor attacks to windu with dark thunders but windu defends with its lightsaber just then anakin arrives and presence and sorrow does not know that to do if to be loyal to the order jedi or to go with the alone dark side by saving to pairs while both shout him that the other it is a traitor enters the confusion anakin shouts "it nescesito" and cuts the arm to windu just then the chancellor concludes with dark thunders to windu and this anakin dies swears obedience to darth sidious and in that moemnto becomes darth vader (sad ¿not?) of apartir encotonces cominza a rebelion of colossal magnitudes all the clones are traitors and they murder to all and each one of the jedis existing alone remain with life the master one yoda (therefore tell me who is able with the jeje) and obi wan, obi wan knows it quedebe to do if anakin is now a sith anakin should be destroyed pairs goes in search of anakin al planet mustafar but obi wan infiltrates in the ship al to arrive pairs tells it anakin that if is true that murderous to the children for the training jedi anakin alone remains quiet suddenly sight to obi wan stopped in the ship anakin is maddened and tries to hang to pairs but al I finalize it the loose one and the but increible sorrow of lightsabers begins apprentice vs master, jedia vs sith, friend vs friend the sorrow is carried I finish in the planet volcanico mustafar pass on all sides leaving destruccion atras until al final they are found in floating platforms over lava burning obi-wan of a leap is found in firm land and tells anakin "I gain not to have swum that can do now I am in firm land and your in a floating platform" anakin itself rie and tells that the does not go to ganr in tries to jump sinduda a leap without precaucion and hasty in this leap obi-wan takes advantage of the estupoidez that has just carried out the boy and of a moevimiento cuts the legs anakin begins to to be dragged to the orila of lava mienras shouts of pain and tells him obi-wan that hates it, obi-wan cries while tells him that the was the chosen one that the equilibraria the forces not that the pondria of the dark side, that the destruiria themselves him uniria and after saying this obi-wan goes leaving their exaprendiz atras its ship splits and a little but late darth sidious appears and rescues al young and burned darth vader despues of a great one reconstruccion cibernetica al same time was carried the operacion of pairs for sopresa of all they were a pair of twins one boy and another girl the ones that even the name luke and pitifully thanks to the fury of anakin even murio in the labor the children were separated leia was weighed to live with bail organa faithful friend of pairs and the jedis therefore the if its wife always wanted a girl they swore to take care of well and luke was carried with its family in tatoonie, yoda told him obi-wan that remained alla in tatoonie therefore tenia a training but for the obi-wan I do not understand and yoda tells that there is a man that achievement to return from the other side and to be become part of the force and that that man was its master qui-gon jin darth vader awakes frustrated and with gra fury because cometio its worse murderous fear to its wife, a was dark begins, the jedis have been exterminated the empire governs now the universe and the chosen one now Of the dark side ¿that granted the future for the good side of the force?  

Enlo personal the pelicula em charms great accion and effects increibles, I am great fan of this saga, and you that think?  

en mucho tiempo en una lejana galaxia el general grievous secuestro al canciller palpantine dos jedis fueron escogidos para la mision de rescate pues su fama tras la guerra de los clones se hizo grande, obi-wan kenobi y anakin skywalker eran sus nombres, la mision fue un exito tras peligrosas maniobras y duelos con droides, el mismo general greivous y la muerte del conde dooku a manos de anakin, sin embargo el General greivous escapo al volver a tierra politica obi wan le dice a anakin que se quede pues el ah sido el heroe esta vez , obi wan se retira hacia el consejo jedi, anakin retorna y se encuentra con su amada padme estan felices por reencontrarse, en la noche anakin sufre una pesadilla parecida a las que tuvo con su madre antes de que esta muriera pero esta vez fue con padme soñaba que moria en el parto pues estaba embarazada tras el miedo de anakin a esto su determinacion por no dejar que padme muera se volvio egoista, anakin empieza a ser arrastrado al lado oscuro de la fuerza, tras el cosejo jedi pedirle que vigile al canciller pues no confia en el anakin decubre que el canciler es el lord sith que estaban buscando (dart sidious) anakin corre a contarle esto a windu este y otros jedis van a arrestarlo sin embargo el canciller los mata a todos a ecepcion de windu con quien tiene un espectacular duelo de lightsabers anakin consumido por su objetivo de salvar a padme corre hacia donde windu y el canciller combaten, windu a despojado al canciller de su lightsaber pero el canciller ataca a windu con truenos oscuros pero windu se defiende con su lightsaber en ese momento anakin llega y presencia e duelo no sabe que hacer si ser leal a la orden jedi o ir con el lado oscuro solo por salvar a padme mientras ambos le gritan que el otro es traidor entra la confusion anakin grita "lo nescesito" y le corta el brazo a windu en ese momento el canciller remata con truenos oscuros a windu y este muere anakin jura obediencia a darth sidious y en ese moemnto se convierte en darth vader (triste ¿no?) de apartir encotonces cominza una rebelion de magnitudes colosales todos los clones son traidores y asesinan a todos y cada uno de los jedis existentes solo quedan con vida el maestro yoda (pues diganme quien puede con el jeje) y obi wan, obi wan sabe lo quedebe hacer si anakin es ahora un sith anakin debe ser destruido padme va en busca de anakin al planeta mustafar pero obi wan se infiltra en la nave al llegar padme la dice a anakin que si es verdad que asesino a los niños para el entrenamiento jedi anakin solo se queda callado de repente mira a obi wan parado en la nave anakin se enfurece e intenta ahorcar a padme  pero al lo ultimo la suelta y el mas increible duelo de lightsabers comienza aprendiz vs maestro, jedia vs sith, amigo vs amigo
el duelo se lleva acabo en el planeta volcanico mustafar pasan por todos lados dejando destruccion atras hasta que al final se encuentran en plataformas flotantes encima de lava ardiendo obi-wan de un salto se encuentra en tierra firme y le dice a anakin "yo gane no hay nada que puedas hacer ahora estoy en tierra firme y tu en una plataforma flotante"anakin se rie y le dice que el no le va a ganr en intenta saltar sinduda un salto sin precaucion y precipitado en este salto obi-wan aprovecha la estupoidez que acaba de realizar el muchacho y de un moevimiento le corta las piernas  anakin empieza a ser arrastrado a la orila de lava mienras grita de dolor y le dice a obi-wan que lo odia, obi-wan llora mientras le dice que el era el elegido que el equilibraria las fuerzas no que las pondria del lado oscuro, que el destruiria a los siths no se le uniria y tras decir esto obi-wan se va dejando a su exaprendiz  atras su nave parte y un poco mas tarde darth sidious aparece y rescata al joven y quemado darth vader despues de una gran reconstruccion cibernetica al mismo tiempo se llevaba la operacion de padme para sopresa de todos fueron un par de gemelos uno niño y otra niña las que padme los nombre luke y leia lastimosamente gracias a la furia de anakin padme murio en el parto los niños fueron separados leia fue levada a vivir con bail organa fiel amigo de padme y los jedis pues el si su esposa siempre quisieron una niña juraron cuidarla bien y luke fue llevado con su familia en tatoonie, yoda le dijo a obi-wan que se quedara alla en tatoonie pues tenia un entrenamiento mas para el obi-wan no entiendo y yoda le dice que hay un hombre que logro regresar del otro lado y convertirse en parte de la fuerza y que ese hombre era su maestro qui-gon jin darth vader despierta frustrado y con gra furia por que cometio su peor temor asesino a su esposa, una era oscura comienza, los jedis han sido exterminados el imperio gobierna ahora el universo y el elegido ahora forma parte del lado oscuro ¿que deparara el futuro para el lado bueno de la fuerza?

enlo personal la pelicula em encanta gran accion y efectos increibles, soy gran fan de esta saga, y ustedes que opinan?
well long time ago that i don't do a journal and the time is over xD

(excuse me my english is not so good)

3 important things are be in this journal xD


jja no i'm kiddin

first My Friends

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surely i forgot somebody if is it let me know

My favourite Kind Of ART  and favourite artists

Space Scenes: :icondinyctis: :iconalyn: :icontremorwave:

Abstract 3D: :iconangelus-hellion: :icondarknessinthesun: :iconstrukt: :iconpolaus:

others kind of arts: vector art, fractal art, and landscapes

that's all ^^